Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cover Being Completed ... Almost Ready for Printers

I am working on the cover tonight and everything will be ready to submit the finished product to the printer.  And ... yippee ... real soon "On Vermont Time ..." the long awaited (LOL) will be available for purchase.  I am getting pretty excited to see the final product.  It seems to have taken forever but it has been a fun journey and it sure has been fun re-living and re-telling the stories.  I hope you all enjoy them.  Keep watching my posts for updates on availability.  It will be available on Amazon. com and through a number of other avenues - including I hope Kindle.  Stay tuned for more.  Please tell your friends about this project as well as my next project which is one that I started quite a few years ago and then put on the back burner.

I am re-starting research for a book on Vermont's Opera Houses and Town Hall Theaters.  Please share this as far and wide as possible.  If you or any of your friends or relatives have information they would be willing to share on either of these in their hometown or other places please have them e-mail me at tim@timkath.com.  I would love to hear from them.  The more information the merrier.

PS:  If you haven't signed up to be a member of the "On Vermont Time ..." Blog.  Please do so.

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  1. Be sure to look into the Jamaica town hall, which used to be an opera house. I believe there's historical information on it in Booker's history of the town. The Jamaica Historical Foundation could also help. It's a very neat building, so if you haven't visited, come to the quilt show at next year's Old Home Day. :)