Sunday, October 6, 2013

Saturday, October 5, 2013

"On Vermont Time ..." the Book - News and Updates for October, 2013

Wow this past week has been fantastic.  I have posted the release of the new book on Front Porch Forum and just today had the chance to send media releases to many of the newspapers, television stations and radio stations around the area.  I am now working on a release to book stores, gift shops, libraries and others to see if I can generate some interest there as well.  Please tell all your friends about the book.  It is a great gift for the upcoming holidays.  They can check it out at

Some people have asked if I am still writing "On Vermont Time..." essays and I want to assure everyone that I definitely am.  The state of Vermont and all of New England give my a ton of things to write about on an on-going basis.  In fact, I will posting a new one today at:  Be sure to check it out.

Right now I am working on the Kindle version of the book and the graphics for the re-release of my gospel CD and am hopeful that I will have it finished so I have some for a concert that Kathy and I are doing on November 2nd in Huntington Center, VT.  I will keep you posted on the progress of both in future posts.  Enjoy your weekend.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

WOO HOO! "On Vermont Time ..." is NOW AVAILABLE

The time that I have written about numerous times is FINALLY Here .... I am so excited to let you know that "On Vermont Time ..." is now available through Amazon, Amazon Europe, CreateSpace; my website and from the other authors or their representatives.  It will also be available for the Kindle real soon - I will keep you posted on that release as well.

Here is the official release which includes all of the pertinent links to the purchase sites.  Please tell all your family and friends about this book release.  It is a great gift idea for the next birthday, anniversary, or other great gift giving event. 

Vermont Author Announces Release of New Book “On Vermont Time …”
Featuring Musings, Essays, Short Stories, Poems and Photos
All depicting a little bit about life in the Green Mountains of Vermont

ENOSBURG FALLS, VERMONT – Tuesday, October 1, 2013 – Vermont Author Timothy G. Stetson is pleased to announce the release of the new book “On Vermont Time …” which features many written works of his own as well as the work of a handful of other Vermont authors, poets, photographers and artists including poetry by Lauren Young and Roderick Bates; drawings by Kraig McFadden; the posthumous writings of Lou Hill; and posthumous photos by Gardner Stetson and Harold Green.
While only 105 pages in length, the book …… priced at $7.99, takes readers on a journey through life in the Green Mountains of Vermont. One minute it's the 1950's and the next it is present day. Each writer, poet, photographer and artist explores the many aspects of everyday life living in Vermont. They share stories of their escapades as kids; stories about growing up and even more stories as they live through adulthood and encourage the next generation of Vermonters.
Even the photos found scattered throughout give you a bird's-eye view of life in the second largest state in New England ... home to the best Maple Syrup, Cheese, Wines, Local Brews and much, much more. Oh and yes we can't forget the best skiing anywhere.
As they read this book readers will have a chance to laugh, maybe to cry, but most importantly to feel like they're a part of the trip.  All ... "On Vermont Time ..."
Joseph A. Citro, author of Green Mountains, Dark Tales and Passing Strange has this to say about the book:  "Timothy Stetson has done something truly remarkable here. He has taken regional writing and brought it into sharper focus, creating an anthology that could almost be called "Neighborhood Writing". Here we find an intimacy and appreciation of place that could only be expressed by insiders: real small town Vermonters."
The book is available:  from at the following link:; on the author’s page at: as well as the on the publishers website:
Bookstores, Gift Shops, Specialty Store, and other Retail Vendors may contact the publisher directly for Wholesale Pricing – By e-mail: or telephone: 802-933-2513 or by clicking on the Wholesale Purchase link on the website:

I am also available for interviews and appearances.  For more information contact me by e-mail at:

Sunday, September 15, 2013

I am getting even more excited as the days go on. "On Vermont Time ..." is almost ready for release.  I am awaiting an actual proof copy of the book.  I have gone through the first round of proofs (it is so surprising how many issues you find each and every time you proof a project like this - I think we are up to proofing round 5).  I have worked through the digital proofs this time around and am now waiting for the delivery of the actual book so we can proof everything again.  If all works out the book should be ready for official release ... "barring any unforeseen circumstances ... by the end of the week WOO HOO!  I will keep everyone posted.  I can't wait. 

I have to say that this has given me the energy to work on some of my other writing projects in hopes of bringing some of them to completion as well.  I am also preparing my CD for another production run based on the number of people still wanting to purchase copies.

I am loving it.

More to come soon.   

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Cover Being Completed ... Almost Ready for Printers

I am working on the cover tonight and everything will be ready to submit the finished product to the printer.  And ... yippee ... real soon "On Vermont Time ..." the long awaited (LOL) will be available for purchase.  I am getting pretty excited to see the final product.  It seems to have taken forever but it has been a fun journey and it sure has been fun re-living and re-telling the stories.  I hope you all enjoy them.  Keep watching my posts for updates on availability.  It will be available on Amazon. com and through a number of other avenues - including I hope Kindle.  Stay tuned for more.  Please tell your friends about this project as well as my next project which is one that I started quite a few years ago and then put on the back burner.

I am re-starting research for a book on Vermont's Opera Houses and Town Hall Theaters.  Please share this as far and wide as possible.  If you or any of your friends or relatives have information they would be willing to share on either of these in their hometown or other places please have them e-mail me at  I would love to hear from them.  The more information the merrier.

PS:  If you haven't signed up to be a member of the "On Vermont Time ..." Blog.  Please do so.

Friday, April 26, 2013

WooHoo!  Proof copies of the interior pages of the book are going to the project contributors for their proofing, review and final changes.  Work is being done on the cover as I write this and everything is being readied for publishing.  It won't be long now and the book will be ready for purchase, reading and enjoyment.  If you have not signed up as a member of the blog, now would be a great time as I will be providing additional updates as the publishing gets underway. And, of course, I will use the blog to let everyone know that the book is available.  Facebook users - don't despair I will share all the news on Facebook as well ... "On Vermont Time..."

Monday, April 1, 2013

We Are Almost Ready to Go To Print

I know it has been forever but ... Guess What?  We are in the final stages of preparing "On Vermont Time..." to go to print.  These last two weeks have been filled with proofreading and editing.  I am getting ready to make the changes that are needed and plan to send proof copies of the manuscript to some of the other contributors for their review.  Work on the cover should begin this week and then if everything works out ...printer here we come!   I will keep everyone posted on the goings on.  I am getting excited to see the final product..."On Vermont Time..."